Fabrieks specificaties

Bij Mercedes Benz Maastricht is op te vragen met welke opties/ specificaties de auto de fabriek heeft verlaten. Ook voor mijn auto was nog informatie te vinden en dit is de lijst en hier een link naar de totale optielijst MB-SA-Code_alt

Code Designation
A27 Rear axle H4, reinforced, i = 5.71
A73 Differential lock, rear axle H4
B14 Brake, dual-circuit, hydraulic/air assistance
B25 Spring-loaded parking brake
B43 Trailer brake, 2-line
B56 Coupling head, front, for topping up air
B61 Air reservoir, 60 l (instead of 40 l)
B63 Air reservoir, 40 l, with pre-chamber, 5 l
B71 Antifreeze device, automatic
B74 Refill reservoir, hydraulic brake, in cab
C27 Front springs, stronger, stage I
C42 Stabiliser, rear axle, under frame
C48 Shock absorber, rear axle
C50 Power steering
C64 Bumper, front, with flag staff
E04 Electrical system 24 V, starter 24 V
E13 Electrical system, NATO,master switch/power socket
E16 Protective switch, alternator
E40 Trailer socket, 7-pin
E51 Intensified interference suppression
F10 Medium-length cab with protection
F21 Front end with windbreak
F40 Windscreen, laminated glass
F66 Glove compartement, lockable
F78 Cover for engine/cowl
G34 Transmission G 3/60-5/7.5
G58 Detachable parts, cable winch
G60 Switch, reversing light
G66 Transmission cover panel, if PTO specified
J30 Instrument cluster, metric, German
J60 Compressed-air connection, in cab
J61 Test connections, hydraulic brake
J74 Tone sequence system
K03 Tank lower position
K12 Main tank, 135 l
K35 Fuel connection, for auxiliary heater
K40 Tank-cap lock
K60 Exhaust, straight, rearwards
L20 Reversing lights
L85 Reflectors, side
M04 Supercharged engine
M20 Starter, water-protected
M23 Exhaust brake, compressed-air-actuated
M42 Alternator, 28 V/55 A
M54 Radiator, higher efficiency, stage III (tropical)
M77 Fan shroud
N31 PTO, DB, medium-speed
P44 Mudguard, for chassis transit
P47 Mud flaps, front
Q14 Crossmember, offset, for low trailer coupling
Q48 Trailer coupling, swivel-type
R04 Wheel nut cap
R33 Tapered rims, 6.00×22.5, for 8/9R 22.5
R70 Spare wheel jack, side
S73 Equipment for chassis transit
X37 Maintenance marking, colour, chassis number
Y10 First aid kit
Y49 Box, with spare light bulbs
Y76 Angle pressure grease fittings
Y94 Deletion, hazard warning triangle and warning lamp
Z07 Internal control command, IR paint
Z31 Ministry of the Interior
Z99 Text order

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